Adoptions from Nepal Suspended by US!

It has been announced that the United States has now dropped the adoption of the Nepalese children due to some errors in the system which used to find out if these children had been deserted. According to a joint statement made by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the State Department, it has been decided to give up the petitions regarding the adjudication of new adoptions and the aspect of visa issuance for these children. Also, most of the documents that were found regarding cases of desertion proved to be unreliable.

The spokeswoman from the State Department, Rosemary Macray said that all the cases have been frozen since the children whom the Nepal government had matched with families in the US were all abandoned.

More, it was quite a tedious task to contact the officials in Nepal whose names were mentioned in these abandonment report. With this, the officials from the orphanage as well as the police did not exactly cooperate with the consular officials who were trying to confirm the information which was present with the police and orphanage records.

So, it would be difficult for the Government of United States to carry on with the process an orphan petition minus the relevant documentation. According to Macray, there were about eighty such adoption cases which were still not confirmed before the suspension took place. All these cases were worked on individually.

A few months, the US government had alerted its citizens against adopting Nepalese children as there were many issues regarding the credibility of the adoption system in the nation.

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