American Fraudster Arrested for Living on Fake Identity!

It has been found that the identity of a dead American teenager was being used by a fraudster who had been living in South Wales for 10 years. William Victor Bernson III had been living on a fake identity. He has been imprisoned for 16 months in Swansea Prison. He has been charged for walking into Britain as Greg Smith who had died in the 1970s in a car accident.

After Bernson is done serving in the prison, he would be deported back to the United States. After investigating his past, it came to light that he had been involved in fraudulent activities before also. He had duped the families of the Dunblane massacre victims. He even tried to get Amazon – the Internet giant to pay him $1 million. He had also been imprisoned previously for fraud and he had gone under four different names. His case is not being investigated by the FBI. Bernson was living with his Greek wife and his three children for ten years before he was caught by the American authorities.

With American officials cooping him, the UK Border Agency was notified of the same. According to the Head, Cardiff Immigration Crime Team, UK Border Agency, Steve Evans, Bernson was involved in serious fraud where in he used the identity of a dead person to make a life for himself in the UK. With the help of the American authorities, they were able to disclose his fraud.

Bernson is 49 years of age and has managed many firms dealing with online PR. In his defense, he said that he is an online entrepreneur and one-man think tank.

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