Illegal Migration: Who is to Blame?

There are 11 million undocumented migrants in the United States. And so, illegal immigration is definitely a burning issue. The main reason behind this is due to them being employed by American families to trim their yards, paint walls or clean their walls. This tends to trigger the underground economy which attracts more such illegal migrants.

It is not very difficult to find illegal immigrants especially in the Western part of the United States. But there would be none who would put it on record. When it comes to these undocumented migrants, they tend to charge less than the regular professional ones. This clearly projects the inflation in American prices which is making these local residents to hire such cheap labor even at the cost of breaking the law.

After all, for these local Americans, money is definitely an issue and they know that illegals would do a good job since it is their only source of livelihood. Moe so, it is much better than what they have been making in their own countries. However, if these local citizens are caught, they might be charged a fine as high as $375.

The important fact to be noticed here is that most of the local residents themselves are unaware and more so, are now finding it difficult to manage without these undocumented migrants. More so, these people form an important sector of labor force on whom the local people are dependent.

The major question is why the above not is considered before actually taking a decision and heating up the decision of illegal immigration. It is similar to cleaning up one’s house first before actually looking into the issue. The more employment opportunities these illegal migrants continue to get, the above number would never decrease.

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