Advice Termed Redudant for Mr. Cuccinelli!

General Ken Cuccinelli II, the Attorney General for Virginia, had recently issued an opinion on immigration checks. This opinion was considered as being unremarkable. As per a letter, the authorities from the law enforcements were permitted to check on the immigration status on suspects or people they stopped. This authority was given by Mr. Cuccinelli. This opinion can be clearly considered as the one which was issued by Robert F. McDonnell who was the attorney general in 2007.

Such opinions do not adhere to any specific action which has to be taken by the law enforcement officials. This caters to the local jurisdiction deciding on the various measures to be taken. The above letter by Mr. Cuccinelli clearly projects the ignorance on part of the issue pertaining to immigration.

When it comes to the state of Virginia, there are a good number of laws which need the officers to check on the status pertaining to immigration. This is for those who are arrested or are suspected. For instance, a law which was brought out in 2008 states that those aliens arrested and jailed; their immigration status should be checked.

The above clearly relates to the Secure Communities program which was started by the Bush regime. Now it is being moved forward with the present Obama administration. With this program in place, it would be easier and financially conveniently for both the jurisdictions – local and state to affirm whether or not a person is residing illegally in the nation.

However, this does not mean the law enforcement authorities keep arresting people on suspicion just because they seem to be foreigners or talk like one. This is especially when they are not involved in any criminal activity. Otherwise, it would simply lead to racial profiling of the people for no good reason. More so, this would put in a fear in the minds of the people, especially the immigrants who follow the rules religiously.

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