Pakistani Released From the Jail Seeks Residency in the US!

Life showed new hope for Pakistani national Pir D. Khan who was released from jail after it was found that he has no connection with the car bombing at Times Square. Three Pakistani men were arrested by immigration officers on suspect that they were involved in car bombing at Times Square in New England.

The lawyer of Pir D. Khan, Saher J. Macarius was surprised when the immigration officials released Mr. Khan without making any public announcement. Earning his livelihood as a taxi driver, Mr. Khan was leading a happy life with his American wife in Watertown but got arrested and was under custody on civil immigration charges since May. Immigration officers released him from jail without asking to post any bail from his side.

Khan has forwarded an application for legal residency in US Immigration Court and soon he will be attending the hearing of his case with his wife which would decide their destiny whether he will be deported from the country or not.

His lawyer informed that Khan was released without much hassles because it became very clear that he has no involvement with the car bombing and also the legal evidences of his lawyer supported his case. Federal authorities refused to comment anything on why they have released him without any bail.

Khan along with Aftab Ali Khan, his cousin who was living with him in his apartment in Watertown were arrested on May 13 . Another person Shafiq Rahman aged 33 year old computer programmer was also arrested who was living in South Portland.

Pir Khan might be facing deportation from the country because he entered the country illegally but his lawyer argued that Khan has proved himself to be a good citizen of the country since his arrival and his wife will be facing lot of hardships if he will be deported from the nation.

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