Aeronautical Engineer Australia ANZSCO!

Aeronautical Engineers are in high demand in Australia. The occupation is emerging as one of the most applauded occupations, hence, proving a boom for all those associated with this industry. It can be proved from this fact that the occupation is listed on ANZSCO list of Australia. In addition, the occupation holds its presence on both Schedule 3 and Schedule 4, hence, serving an additional benefit for applicants who can apply in either of the two, provided they fulfill the mandatory requirements.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • The applicant is needed to perform the engineering work linked with the design and development of aircraft.
  • He is required to supervise engineering work linked with the maintenance and modification of the aircraft.
  • Look into various facets linked with the aircrafts for flight.
  • Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Specializations in this field are Aeronautical Engineering Officer (Navy), Aerospace Engineer, Aerospace Engineer Officer – Aeronautical (Air Force), Aerospace Engineer Officer – Armament (Air Force), Aerospace Engineer Officer – Electronics (Air Force), to name a few.


  • A bachelor degree or higher qualification is the minimum qualification required to qualify for this occupation.
  • In some cases additional experience and on-job training is necessary
  • Some companies may demand both the above mentioned aspects.

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