Agricultural Engineer 233912 Australia ANZSCO!

Agricultural Engineers are in high demand in Australia. The occupation is present on the ANZSCO list of Australia, which means applicants linked with this profession can move to Australia for better employment options. Applicants can apply under either Schedule 3 or Schedule 4, as the occupation is present on both the lists.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • The applicant needs to perform engineering related work linked with agricultural land and other facets like machinery and equipments.
  • He is required to supervise all these aspects and see to it that every thing is commenced according to plan and required guidelines.
  • Registration or licensing may be required.


  • A bachelor degree or higher qualification is the minimum qualification required to qualify for this occupation.
  • In some instances, an experience of five years is required by the firm.
  • Sometimes a company may ask for on-job training
  • Some companies may demand all the mentioned requirements in addition to the formal qualification.

There are other tasks and qualification required for this profession. It is NOT necessary to fulfill all the responsibilities linked with this profession. For further information, mail at [email protected] and know about your eligibility to qualify for the same.

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