Afghans Complain Over Visa Freeze!

Australian streets witnessed a protest by thousands of Afghan Australians who went on to the Aussie streets all complaining to call for quick action of they claim of assaulting and killing of Hazaras by Taliban supporters. These thousand and thousand of protesters held a long march to voice their opinion against Canberra’s six-month stay on visa applications made by the asylum seekers from Afghan.

According to Immigration Minister Chris Evans, almost hundred Afghans were denied visas as far as the statistics from the last two months are concerned. But there are chances that some of these case studies might see an overturn after an independent “merits review”.

In addition, the march was made in opposition to Coalition plan to encourage temporary protection visas if elected. This march co-existed with plenty of detainees from Afghan who were kept on Christmas Island who were denied visas for the first time, from the time period since the boatpeople started flowing under the Rudd government.

Seeing these statistics and the speculation that more and more people from Afghan would be denied visas in the upcoming times, Afghans belonging Hazara minority have come all opposing against the immigration rules at various parts including Sydney, Perth and Adelaide, to name a few. They are stating that their community is under high threat from pro-Taliban pastoralists; hence the country is filled with ample violence.

Further, after the commencement of Coalition plan, the asylum seekers would be left in a state of limbo.

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