Indian Military Records Still Being Probed by the Canadian High Commission!

The Canadian High Commission in New Delhi is constantly asking all its applicants especially those belonging to the security forces in India to submit a detailed record of all their service years. This is post the apology made by Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada. He also indicated that the immigration counselors have too much freedom when it comes to taking decisions related to visa issues.

The recent controversy coming about is the case of a retired colonel who lives in New Delhi. He has filed his application for a tourist visa to Canada. Additional to all his documents, he was asked to submit the tax returns of his son-in-law who lives in Canada. Post submission, he was then asked to present a detailed record of his career in the Indian military which must include all the places that he was posted at and the names of his superiors.

Such information was never asked for when the colonel had applied for a visa previously and questioned if the same would have been asked from a Canadian soldier, how would Canada react to this?

It clearly shows that the apology was only of face-value and the communication gap still continues to exist. This is all happening when Canada portrayed all its intentions to further its ties with India. At the same, it has also come forward that certain Canadian Diplomats have disapproved of the Security forces in India.

With such serious allegations in the letters informing the visa denials clearly fumed the nation with many politicians suggesting to stop New Delhi being used a transit point to go to Afghanistan.

Despite promise for amendments being made, the case still seems to be the same. Being bureaucratic in nature, it is but obvious that these changes would take time to be implemented. But then, the sooner the better for both the nations!

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