AFL-CIO President Supports Immigration Reform!

Reports state that the AFL-CIO is in full support of the Immigration reform, in an attempt to protect the rights of workers who face exploitation from their employees, confirmed Richard Trumka, the president of AFL-CIO.

He went on to say that a system should be such that it should be open and closed at the same time. Open in the sense that it should allow the entry of legal and powerless labor supply to the country and closed in the sense that the system should be closed enough to turn people who come to the country from overseas, into second-class citizens.

He went on to say that the areas which are decked with high amount of immigration, including illegal workers who have an undocumented status, individual unions have made calls for curbing down the inflow of new entries, seeing the fact that employers make use of them for depleting the wages for other workers.

His talks clearly point out in the direction that immigrants are the key to a great future which lie ahead of the AFL-CIO. Therefore, he is clearly supporting the immigration reform and is seeing to it that the rights of workers are protected in the best possible way.

In order to come out with a brilliant work force, it becomes essential to restore workers and ensure that their rights are protected. He said that it is their duty that no matter it is a documented worker or an undocumented worker, labor laws are there to protect their rights in the best possible way. Therefore, Immigration reform should be attired with a fair route toward legalization for workers who will contribute to the American economy!

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