Talks on Immigration Include U.S. and Cuba!

It has been confirmed from the government of United States that they have held talks with the government of Cuba on the aspect of promoting a legal immigration for both the countries. In addition, talks have been maintained to keep the entry of immigrants safe and in an orderly manner.

Philip Crowley, who is the spokes person from the Department of State, stated that since the time President Obama took the oath of being a President, it has underlined their interest in the facet to come up with talks with the government of Cuba to advance the U.S. interests.

It has been confirmed by the spokesperson that the administration under Obama is expecting direct discussions with the authorities of Cuba, in order to ensure that the U.S. interests section in Havana can operate in an effective manner.

In addition, it can take care of the repatriated migrants, in addition to taking back the Cuban government’s acceptance for the repatriation of Cuban nationals who have been ordered deportation on the basis of their criminal history from the United States.

Reports believe that the same talks could not commence at the time when Bush government was in power. The same resumed under Obama’s governance. Hence, it is a positive news for both the countries.

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