EU to Introduce New Policies to Reduce Immigration!

EU commission is planning to make new polices in the regional budget which help in removing the economic disparities which has caused the large influx of immigrants. This in turn has resulted in the formation of more nationalistic parties in the European countries. The new cohesion policy will be covering 35.7 percent portion of the total EU budget that is around €308 billion.

In underdeveloped parts of the UK, the incoming movement of immigrants continues to be heavier, resulting in greater economic disparities. This problem slowly is catching up fire and has become a burning issue to debate upon. Many cities are pointing out that to reduce the flow of migrants in EU countries and neighboring countries like Denmark and Netherlands (where there is high level of immigration), they urgently need a cohesion policy.

Paul Bevan, secretary general of Eurocities accepts this fact that economic disparity is causing many issues but one should also not ignore the benefits that immigration brings to the cities as well. The solution lies in making certain policies which would help in removing the disparities in the cities rather than preventing the process of immigration. The role of cities and local authorities is extremely significant in achieving sensible, long lasting and overall development and growth of the countries. The cities are going to be the key players in the successful implementation of EU cohesion policies and their resources must be fully utilized for the overall development of the countries. There is a scope of consultation with the parties of local and regional cities to involve the members of each state in this process

For the smart and long lasting development of the European countries, they have to come up with the strategies which directly target the problems like economic inequality and poverty reduction.

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