Indian-origin UK MP Opposes New English Language Rule!

UK’s Labor MP Keith Vaz, who has recently been elected the chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, is bothered by the UK Coalition government’s new plan of making English language test mandatory for Indian and other non-EU spouses in order to be able to enter and accompany their partners in the UK. The MP, who has his origin in India, has raised his voice over the issue of late.

The language rule which the UK is likely to implement in the coming days, will have deep impact on communities which have their origins in India. Moreover, it is likely to affect the people with low quality of education and poor financial backgrounds. Migrants/citizens in the UK who have or going to have relationships with someone from above mentioned backgrounds may not be able to bring their spouses to the UK. The MP is however concerned about the timescale for the implementation of the rule pertaining to the UK’s official language test for spouses outside the European Union nations. He hopes that the decision would not be hurried one and thinks that the government should take the outcome of having such a policy into account before implementing it.

Reportedly, the UK’s former Labor government was considering implementing the same policy. However, the policy was not supposed to come into effect until 2011, because this would have given appropriate time to both the government in making migrants aware of the rule; as well as the migrants in receiving proper English teaching in order to enter the UK.

Besides Keith Vaz, there are other associations which have expressed their disagreement over the language rule for spouses, including the Indian Workers Associations. On the contrary, the nation’s Home Secretary said that the new policy would play vital role in backing integration, as well as eliminating barriers when it comes to cultures. The Secretary also hopes that move will protect the nation’s public services as well.

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