Agri-Food Pilot Program Completeness Check

Agri-Food Pilot Program Completeness Check

The Agri-Food Pilot Program is a dedicated program to meet Canada’s agriculture and food sector labor requirements, and it is operational until May 2023. It is a pathway for Canada PR Visa to the immigrants who are experienced and can work permanently in specific industries under the agri-food sector.

To apply for this program, you have to be eligible under one or more specified occupations, and you must have a permanent job offer from a Canadian employer. Other requirements would be meeting the language standards and educational qualifications. You should also have sufficient funds when you come to Canada to support yourself until you have a stable running income.

Once the application under this program is submitted, it goes through a completeness check, for which the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) performs the following functions –

  • Firstly, the information will enter into the Global Case Management System (GCMS)
  • The processing fees are recovered
  • The applicant will receive an acknowledgment receipt
  • Further, the biometric fees are recovered, and a letter is sent to the applicant. If the fee is not paid, then a payment letter is issued by the CIO to the applicant
  • From here, the application goes for processing further

If the application is found incomplete at this stage by the CIO in case of missing information or documents or the application exceeds the permissible limit, then the procedure followed by CIO is as follows –

  • It again enters the action on the GCMS regarding the applicant
  • The incomplete application is returned. Please note that as of now, the processing fee is non-refundable.
  • The applicant will receive the status of the application by the CIO

Among many pathways to migrate to Canada, this specific program caters to a particular group that belongs to the agriculture and food industry. If you meet the eligibility requirements, this becomes an easy route to become a permanent resident of Canada without waiting for long.

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