AISA to Hold Demonstration against New Immigration Amendments!

The new rules brought about in the Immigration Policy of Australia have left the AISA with no option but to hold a demonstration against the stringent Immigration rules inculcated by the government of Australia.

In addition, the organization will demand concessions for the overseas students who are by this time studying in various educational institutions. The major reason behind the demonstration is the rigid visa regulations implemented by the Aussie government and the Immigration officials.

The protest would be commenced on Thursday, stating that while inculcating the strict rules, the government of Australia is not taking care of the already existing overseas students who have migrated earlier and the ones who are studying in Australia at present and are on the verge of finishing their courses.

According to AISA, overseas students who are currently studying here have had the terms of their visas changed and will be subject to reviewing immigration regulations effectively cancel or revoke their qualifications.

Various students are expressing their criticism against the stringent rules. They say that they come here to study, make their future and give their contribution in strengthening the Australian economy. The employers assure them that they need their skills in their fields and the students too are all ready to provide them with the same. But the current strict amendments might play hindrance in their career plans.

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