Criticism on the Immigration Policy!

With the new Australian immigration policy in place, there have been reports of the MPs from the opposition to have not been informed of the same. The same has been denied by Scott Morrison, the Senior Liberal. The new policy which has an objective to act tough on all those entering the nation by boats is facing criticism even from the coalition itself. The main reason behind this is no prior information or discussion pertaining to the issue. This has gone to the extent that some of the Liberals have termed the program as being inhumane and cruel and at the same time, the law is not being operated from the party room.

However, Morrison who is also the spokesman for immigration maintained that prior discussions took place way back in February where everyone was informed. This was done in the Backbench Policy Committee.

He also mentioned that there was complete support for the policy which clearly communicates the policy of the Howard-era Pacific Solution and its return. With this is the formation of the offshore detention centers.

At the same time, the coalition government would try and launch the Temporary Protection Visas which would cap the timelines for the refugees to live in Australia and would bring it down to 3 years. Such a policy was last seen during the government of Howard. Here, the refugees would also have work for their own benefit and welfare.

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