New Regulations Would Not Affect Immigration to Queensland!

According to a recent report, it has been confirmed that the new visa regulations won’t affect the number of applicants intending to immigrate to Queensland. As 70 per cent of these overseas applicants belong to those visa categories which hold no connection with the recent visa regulations.

A majority of these applicants belong to New Zealand, while some of them apply for Students Visas and others go for Business Visas. Almost 40 percent of the international immigrants settled in the state in the year 2007-2008. Next comes the number of Student Visas, with as long as 72,000 overseas students enrolling themselves in the educational institutions of the state.

The report further confirmed that making amendments in visa categories belonging to these immigrants or curbing down their numbers would surely create a massive negative effect on the economy of Queensland.

It further elaborated that it would become bothersome to curb down the quantity of overseas migration into Queensland at least for the upcoming five years, no matter what the visa changes would be implemented by the federal policies.

A report by to Federal Treasury states that the state demands 90,000 overseas applicants on an annual basis to fill their needs of labor market! Hence, it’s great news for the prospective applicants of Queensland. Those who are interested in attaining Australian Visas are advised to take guidance from a legal Immigration and Visa expert.

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