Top Punjab Cop Denied Visa for Canada!

According to a senior Punjab police officer, he has been barred from getting a Canadian visa, on the basis of certain grounds. The incident of Canada denying the visas of former defense and intelligence officers is still afresh in the minds of Indians, and just when Canada was doing all the damage control, another occurrence of such sort came out into existence.

Patiala’s SSP Ranbir Singh Khatra states that it is apt from the Canada’s point of view to bar the visa but on the grounds, on which it has been denied, is not justifiable. Reasons are that the official served in those areas where the counter-insurgency operations were going on in the time span of militancy period. The cop says that the reason to bar the visa is not liable as the content put in the denial letter is not agreed.

He cleared that the Canadian embassy in India barred him the visa two times, first in the year 2008 and then in 2009! The sole reason, both the times was same as elaborated before. The Canadian officials have time and again denied visas to plenty of people who have served armed forces and intelligence department.

The cop went on to say that he is proud to serve the nation at the time when the entire globe was fighting terrorism, but now situation is such that despite providing the services, Canada is targeting people like them who went against terrorism.

The cop confirmed that he is not geared up in any case, so why has the Canadian authorities made such comments?

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