Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Alberta’s Immigrant Provincial Nomination Program, better known as AINP, is a much broader initiative that is designed to cater to a wide range of requirements in various areas of the local economy. The scheme is designed in close coordination with CIC, but managed independently by state government

AINP has been pivotal to Alberta government’s plan of sustaining existing stock of skilled expertise in disparate fields and inviting skilled manpower from other countries. Based on the local requirements, the government of this state offers provincial nomination to foreigners – that leads to grant of permanent residence visa – under following categories:

  • Strategic Recruitment class: the applicants, applying under this class, do not need employment offers; but must be residing in the state at time of placement of requests. There are three subclasses under this scheme:
  • Compulsory and Optional Trades Class is for applicants who and have an AIT – Alberta Industry Training – approved vocational certification;
  • Engineering Occupations Class is for skilled workers carrying appropriate trade exposure in designated engineering trades;
  • Post-Graduate Worker Class is for post graduate workers, with post graduate work visa, who have successfully accomplished a post graduate pursuit in a varsity of Alberta;
  • Recruiter -Driven Class: this scheme requires full time employment offers from state based recruiters in professions listed in NOC 0, A, B and C – in some classes. It is bifurcated into three classifications:
    • Skilled Worker class is for those working in NOC 0, A and B;
    • International Graduate Classis for those who – have obtained post-graduation work visa – have successfully accomplished postsecondary pursuit in Canada; and specialize in a trade listed in NOC 0, A, B and C;
    • Semi-Skilled Worker Class is those who work in selected trades listed as semi-skilled occupation; and have provisional work visa.
  • Self-Employed Farmer Class is for people with exposure in faming; and resources to procure and manage farms in the state.

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