Various Options Available for Permanent Immigration to Canada

Canada offers endless opportunities to immigrants and thus it attracts immigrants from every corner of the world. Hundreds of thousands immigrants wish to settle in the country, courtesy high paying jobs, excellent work environment, high standard of living and low crime rate that one witnesses in the nation. The Maple Leaf Country is an ideal place to raise children and family, even as one may say that the Maple Leaf Country is a family country.

The country’s economy is progressive with an extensive increase in industrial development. It is no surprise that professionals from every part of the world show keen interest in acquiring the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).

What PR in Canada means?

Permanent Residency is the status given to non citizens of the country that enables them to enjoy several rights almost at par with Canadian citizens, and once they have successfully lived and worked in the country for three years, they may also apply for Canadian Citizenship.

How can immigrants acquire the PR Card?

Immigrants can apply for a PR Card once they land in the country on a PR visa for the very first time. Once an immigrant reaches the country he must provide local residential address to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and in a couple of weeks the PR card will be sent at the immigrant’s residential address. The processing of PR application does not cost additional processing charges. However, it is mandatory to give correct corresponding address.

Permanent Immigration to Canada

Permanent Residency is the second most sought after category after Canadian Citizenship. Those living in the country as PR enjoy almost similar benefits as per the country’s citizens. No wonder, the country is extremely popular among the prospective immigrants.

In fact, immigrants wish to settle in the nation along with their family. The nation is an ethnically multi-cultural country, and one will experience the diversity at every step.

Permanent immigration to Canada offers following benefits to the candidates

  • Right to live and work anywhere in country
  • An easy access to healthcare facilities
  • Candidates can purse higher studies anywhere across the country
  • Right to social security
  • Right to travel abroad any number of times
  • An easy travel to neighboring countries, such as the US

In order to immigrate as a PR, prospective immigrants need to choose a specific programme. There are many easy to follow programmes to choose from. Some of the options are Provincial nominee programmes, Family sponsor, Self-employed, Entrepreneurs and Investors category, Marry a Canadian citizen/Permanent Resident, Express Entry System major economic programmes and certain PNP falls under the categories.

However, it’s not a cakewalk to acquire Canadian PR. Aspirants have to meet certain terms and conditions set by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Some of the major influential requirements are education qualification, age, arranged job, state/territorial nomination language proficiency and presence of close family member in the country. All the above mentioned factors play an important and influential role in determining the fate of the PR application.

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