All about Hong Kong Quality Migrant Talent Scheme

Hong Kong quality migrant scheme or Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme is a special scheme for individuals who want to come to Hong Kong. This is an entrant level scheme and aimed for highly skilled persons (preferably fresh entrants) who are willing to stay in Hong Kong and contribute to the country’s economic development in the global market. Applicants who are non-resident of Hong Kong are required to make applications and sit for certain tests. This scheme is not valid for residents of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Nepal, Korea etc.

Two point based tests are conducted after the candidate fulfills some pre requisites. Candidates are offered a choice to sit for either general point test (five point scoring) or achievement based point tests (one point scoring).The minimum cut off marks being 80. Depending on the marks obtained and the pre requisites the candidates are selected. The Advisory Committee of Hong Kong then selects the high ranking candidates depending on the socio-economic needs of China.

The results are published on the Immigration Department website. An approval in principle letter is sent to the deserving candidates who are invited to attend an interview. If the documents produced by the candidates are sufficient they are given the entry visa.

The applicant should perform the process of application carefully. The genuine forms are available at the Immigration Office of China, Immigration department headquarters, overseas Chinese diplomatic and consular mansions etc. all the documents required are to be sent by post or in person to the quality migrants and mainland residents section.

Application procedure does not require any charge but the issue of visa is chargeable. Dependant policy is a scheme where the applicant can bring their spouse or children (below 18 years) to Hong Kong Visa. The applicant must submit the documents of the family at the time of applying. Candidates may also apply for an extension of their stay.

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