Hong Kong Skilled Migration v/s. Quality Migrant

Hong Kong invites applications from all over the world that can prove to be beneficial for the economy of the country. Even when most of the population is pretty talented when compared with other countries, yet the demands are not met totally. Hence immigrants are required who are capable to meet all the possible demands.

The difference between the Skilled Migration plan and the Quality Migration plan can be elaborately be discussed when all the criteria are compared. But from an apparent view, it may seem that both are the two different names for a single plan.

Skilled professionals from all over the world are welcome in the city under these two plans. For the Quality Migration scheme, the criteria are as follows:

The age of the applicant must be a minimum of 18years. He must be financially stable such that he can accommodate himself as well as all the dependents in the city without taking any help from the locals. The criminal record of the person must hold no obligation against the person and he must be able to submit a proof from the police of the same.

The person must be fluent in Chinese language and English. Any other language that he may know can be beneficial for the applicant. For the education background, he must hold higher degrees in technical streams preferably. This is the most vital of all criteria and implies for both the schemes. A person must be highly qualified in terms of education. The more degrees he holds, the better the opportunities that awaits for him in the mainland.

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