Amendments in British Nationality Law from 2010

Recently, the UKBA came out with certain changes to British Nationality Law. Here are some of the changes that would be implemented from January 2010:

  • Earned Citizenship would be introduced in the year 2011. The requirements for the same are yet to be decided. Children born to a parent who is in the British Armed Forces or then joins the same can be registered as Citizens of Britain.
  • Children born outside the UK to parents, who were also born in a country barring the UK but are British, can be registered as British provided their grandparent was born in the UK. Also it is mandatory to have the registration done within twelve months when the child was born. Now the period would be expanded so that the child may have the freedom to go for registration before he turns eighteen.
  • Those applicants who have any linkage with Hong Kong and belong to the category of British Nationals Overseas can be registered. But is essential that they should come under the category that have not given up or dropped an alternative nationality after 19th March 2009.
  • Those applicants whose mothers are of British origin and are born overseas before 8th February 1961 who would otherwise have got British citizenship if their father would be British have now the freedom to register.

With these changes, there are other vital things that need to be kept in mind before applying for any visa. An ace advice from an Immigration expert at this stage may prove as God’s words at this critical moment of your life.

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