Stop Arresting Suspects – States Secretary Janet Napolitano

Recently, Janet Napolitano, Security, Department of Homeland Security commanded Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to bar the process of arresting suspects only on the basis of immigration status.

On the contrary, Arpaio pledged that he would disregard any command and continue with his image of being the “toughest in America” and carry on with his “crime suppression operations.”

Stats say that under County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, almost 30,000 illegal have been arrested on the streets of Arizona. Speculations are all over in the air that these “crime suppression operations” are nothing but “racial profiling.” Cuddling these blames, Arpaio is at present under investigation by the Department of Justice.

In response to this entire catastrophe, Arpaio thinks that “It’s all politics.” He would continue commencing with his operations under laws that enable police to arrest suspects and illegal aliens.

Also, in another recent news, Arizona Officials have accepted a compliance that would allow 60 jail officers to continue with their inspection on jail inmates a far as their immigration status is concerned. The deal is awaiting official confirmation from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but the deal has ignited the wrath of many critics

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