Amendments Recommended for Resolving Alberta Labour Shortage Issue

According to a recent report, a new group named Alberta Coalition for Action on Labour Shortage (ACALS) is formed to push the federal government to bring certain changes to the immigration policy of the nation to handle labour shortages in the province.

Pursuant to the Montreal Gazette, ACALS group is asking the federal government to:

  • Amend the point system under the Federal Skilled category to put focus on market demands and employment offers rather than higher qualifications
  • Change the national occupation classification policy, which is used to assess workers under the temporary and permanent immigration category so that the codes reflect needs of the employer in a better way
  • Improve the process of screening under the overseas temporary worker category
  • Create impressive campaign to employ overseas skilled workers.

ACALS group shows that over the coming decade, there will be around 11, 4,000 workers’ shortages alone in Alberta.

In this connection, Tim Shipton, the Coalition’s President was quoted as saying that they intend to address the labour shortage as the most serious problem facing not only by Alberta, but whole of Western Canada.

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