Canada Immigrants Welcomed by Government of Nova Scotia

A recent report by the Immigration Department of Nova Scotia has revealed that the province seeks more skilled professionals to fulfill the labour shortages in this region. It has also mentioned that over the next 5 years, there will be a number of mega-projects and to complete these big projects, the province will need more skilled workers.

In this connection, Elizabeth Mills, an immigration official was quoted as saying that though the present need for skilled professionals in Canada is getting fulfilled, but it will not be the same for long and by the year of 2014 there will an urgent requirement for skilled professionals in the country. Between 3000 to 10000 vacancies in Canada, which is a part of $25 billion federal shipbuilding and other big commercial projects, the nation will be in need of huge numbers of workers.

Mills has also expressed that this particular province of Canada was putting together a business case for increasing level of immigration, which would be presented to the federal government. Its main purpose is to persuade the Canadian government to increase its immigrant skilled workers. She further mentioned that Nova Scotia will have to raise its numbers via all immigration categories to Canada, counting the Nova Scotia Nominee Program for skilled professionals.

Besides, Mills thought that the federal skilled workers program can actually improve numbers to Nova Scotia with about 700,000 applications in a row of four years backlog.

She further added that some of these applications have been in that backlog for a quite longer period of time and by now they may not be interested in Canada migration. Pursuant to the latest census report, by the year of 2019, the working age population of Nova Scotia will shrink by 36,000 and the province is therefore offering necessary help in processing part of those backlog applications.

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