Amends in Canadian Work Permits from April 2011!

A work permit for Canada would soon become more difficult to obtain. Starting April 2011, the employer compliance regulations pertaining to the recruitment of the temporary foreign workers would be implemented.

The new rules would clearly depict the eligibility criteria for the temporary foreign workers who are to be granted a work permit. At the same time, the employers in Canada also have to cater to the provisions of the new regulations. The key of these provisions include the authenticity of the job offer made to the migrant, the establishment of the firm in Canada along with a commitment to cater to the foreign migrant with the same working conditions as those offered to a local Canadian worker. This has to be catered to all the while when the person is employed in Canada.

On the other hand, penalties have also been brought out against those employers in Canada who do not adhere to the rules. These also include those mentioned on the government website which caters to a form similar to that of a black list. Along with this, there are other restrictions involved when it comes to the recruitment of foreign migrant workers who are being hired for duration of two years.

More details on this issue are yet to be brought out. As of now, all that could be said is that this can be sure considered as a warning enough for all the employers in Canada hiring foreign migrants.

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