The immigration policy of UK is damaging to the nation itself!

The election campaign promise made by the Conservative Party of Britain to reduce the net levels of immigration is not new to anyone. However, the policies made to meet this promise seem highly baseless and self-deteriorating!

At a time when the UK has to concentrate on reviving private business, the government is set out to do just the opposite by capping the flow of skilled migrants.

This new policy is giving migraines to employers. Hiring the necessary foreign talent is becoming tougher and this in turn is affecting the British economy. These skilled workers can contribute a lot to the British economy by benefitting businesses. They pay taxes as well as melt their pay-checks in Britain! The curb on such potential foreign talent seems insane!

The fact is that the government has given a promise which is not that easy to handle. The aspect of such reforms is surely not one planar.

The British people are having problems with 3 kinds of immigration precisely:

The European semi-skilled workers: Thousands of Polish people migrate to Britain for better employment prospects. Many British people have voiced their dislike over the polish immigration because of the competitiveness for availing local services. The EU treaties have guaranteed free movement for employment. So, there is no way Britain can control this type of immigration.

Muslim immigrants: The immigration of foreign Muslims is frowned upon after the 2005 London bombings. It may be noted that these attacks were carried out by the offprings of migrants. Majority of the migration from Pakistan or elsewhere happened decades ago. Current immigration curb based on ethnicity or religion can earn UK a bad reputation on the international front.

Immigrants seeking asylum: These immigrants are people looking out for asylums and are mostly gypsies and Somalis. As long as Britain is a part of international conventions, the denial of the right to asylum cannot stand withdrawn.

Since the government cannot control any of the above types of immigration, it has targeted the skilled migrant in to the country to fulfill the promise. This idiocy on the part of the government can have negative influences on the economical well being.

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