Amends in the Australian General Skilled Migration

Concentrating on the current economic trends during this period of the economic downturn, the Australian government amended its immigration policies. Based on the scenario, few modifications were brought about in the General Skilled Migration program. These changes were put into effect from 1st January 2009 with the main motto to drive immigration via the current local industry needs. With this, the skills shortages along with the consequent labor deficiency are the key aspects being catered to by the changes. Also, priority processing for some application has been implemented for those applications that have been filed post 1st January 2009 and the ones already been filed. This is specifically for those applicants who have an employer sponsorship or a nomination from the state or the territory and their occupation is mentioned on the Critical Skills List.

With the amendments in place, the territorial governments have been given greater authority and scope to the deficient skills in their respective regions. These states have been catered with a wide list of occupations to nominate foreign professionals. However, there is a fixed set of immigrants invited for each field of profession.

In addition, the set Critical Skills List has been developed as a mode to evaluate the scenario post execution of the amendments. This has resulted in deducting the migration population by 14%. This amendment led to a balance in the economy and did not stress on its resources. Thus, the needs were catered to as well as the program was a success.

It was also found out that in 2008 – 09, the General Skilled Migrant led to an immigration number of 69,153. From these, around 14,055 migrated as a nominee by the state and territorial governments. The others included their occupations being mentioned on the Critical Skills Set. This number consisted of the 29,035.

With such a balance being maintained, it can be aptly said that as an immigration destination, Australia has catered to its immigrants in the best possible manner. Being one of the best destinations to immigrate, a visa and immigration consultant would provide you with the best options on the cart. So, contact one today!

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