Stringent Measures by CIC to Safeguard Foreign Temporary Workers

The Canadian government is very particular against the exploitation of its foreign workers. The government is now especially being vigilant on the employers hiring these foreign workers. Since the Canadian government considers its immigrants as an asset, it is being looked into that they are being treated fairly. With this, strict action would be taken against companies who are unfair with the immigrants.

This ruling has been issued in the interest of the temporary foreign workers since they are one of the most important contributors to the Canadian economy. The Canadian government feels that it is its duty to protect its new resident in return to their major contributions to its country.

However, some changes have been proposed to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The changes involve stringency in the assessment regarding the credibility of the job being offered to the immigrant. On the other hand, it is also now catering to an immigrant’s residence in Canada.

In addition, a probation period for the duration of two years is also under consideration for all those employers hiring foreign professionals. This is especially for all those employers who have been found to be treating foreign nationals unfairly. Many organizations have been found to be paying low wages and poor working conditions to the immigrants compared to the market worth for the same job.

All in all, a temporary foreign worker would not be eligible to work in Canada for more than four years. This is because this program is meant to cater to the short term labor fulfillment.

With stricter restrictions in place, it can be assured that Canada is one of the best places to immigrate in times of day. So, contact an Immigration and Visa expert to know more on the same.        

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