Americans Want Stringent Immigration Rules!

According to exit polls conducted by The Polling Company, it has been confirmed that Americans need more rigid and stringent rules for their nation.

Almost sixty percent of the people voting in midterm elections are of the view that President Barack Obama has been lenient in enforcing regulations related with immigration. They feel that he has not implemented an aggressive approach towards the same.

The result of the poll state that almost 69 per cent of the voters are of the view that immigration is a critical public policy issue. 61 per cent feel that the President has not been aggressive when it comes to immigration rules.

In addition to this, people believe that Obama has not done ample to curb down undocumented immigrants living or working in the nation. 4 per cent are of the view that the present administration is implementing immigration laws in a vigorous manner.

The polls clearly depict that Americans people in general are not happy with the overall direction of the nation. With the number of illegal immigrants increasing in the nation, it is mandatory for the country to come out with strong immigration related regulations to not only curb down the number of illegal immigrants coming in the country but also ensure that the best of quality workers are moved in America.

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