Indian Detained in Russia for Bribing Immigration Officials!

Russia: A national from India has been facing detention in Russia’s southern city of Saratov. He has been accused of allegedly bribing an Immigration official to speed up the procedure of getting citizenship of the country.

It has been allegedly reported that a bride of 100,000 Roubles (which equals to $3,251) has been offered in an attempt to gain citizenship and fasten up the procedure. The Immigration employer has in return, turned back the offer of accepting the bribe, after which the Indian went on to face detention. The same has been confirmed by the Saratov department of the Investigative Committee.

The identity of the person has not been revealed as yet. He is at present facing custody pending trial which may last till any official statement is given out by the authorities.

The breach falls under article of the Russian Criminal Code envisaging punishment for a person affirmed for bribing a person ex-officio. If the crime is confirmed, the person in concern would be entitled to a prison term which can go for three years.

Cases of these are witnessed in bulk every season. People adopt illegal methods to gain residency or/and citizenship of a country by any means. End result is that they end up being caught by the immigration officials or facing detention and hence, deported back to their home country. The whole procedure of illegal immigration costs ample time and money, giving you NO assurance. Why not go for a legal consultation from the beginning itself? Visit for more info.

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