Another Attempt at Human Smuggling in Singapore!

It would not be wrong to say that Singapore is the city of migrants. The country was built and developed by the immigrants who come from different parts of Asia. Immigration has been a major source for the constant fuelling to the economy.

However, there has been a negative aspect involved just like any other developed nation. This caters to illegal migration which the nation has been susceptible for quite sometime. The recent has been a Malaysian trying to smuggle out a Chinese national who has been suspected of overstaying her visa. This happened in the first week of December where in the driver has to sneak out the Chinese in the boot of a car. The driver along with the Chinese national and two other passengers were arrested.

According to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), the driver was 29 years of age and was from Malaysia. He has admitted in trying to aid the 38 years old Chinese who has breached the immigration law of Singapore by overstaying the visa.

The driver also confessed that if he successfully aids in the escapade from Singapore, he would be given 500 ringgit by his friend from Malaysia. As per the immigration offender, he said that he had paid S$2,000 to an agent so as to aid him in leaving Singapore.

As per the ICA, the issue is under investigation which the passengers, immigration offender as well as the driver being under custody. The vehicle which was used for this purpose has now been detained and could be seized as well.

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