Crack Down on Bogus Advisors by UK Government!

The immigration services industry in the UK would be under scrutiny with the new immigration cap being imposed. An investigation has brought out that there are many immigration advisors who have been functioning unlawfully in the nation. Catering to these reports, the British government would soon be cracking down all the illegal operators.

A review has been ordered by Theresa May, the British Home Secretary into the system which has been monitoring the immigration advisors. This has been brought about to crack down the abuse of the immigration system in the nation. It also seems as if the government might consider on removing the present regulatory body completely. However, there are also chances of this body being merged with another department or a body under the government itself. As of now, the immigration advisors in UK are answerable to the Officer of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

The above disclosures came about in the midst of a Telegraph investigation which threw light on the unethical and illegal practices being followed by many service providers in the immigration industry. In one of the cases, a man was alleged of organizing a sham marriage so as to cater to a visa to UK.

As of now, there are about four thousand immigration advisors in UK who are registered. Most of these advisors operate independently in the nation. With the British government toughing up the system, those who are abusing the system are under the radar.

Above all, it seems as if the government of Britain is motivated to cut down on immigration by tens of thousands of numbers than what it is currently. More so, the coalition government seems to be keeping its promise which it had made to the British people during its election campaigns.

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