The Immigration Dream Act Finally Passed!

The house finally passes the Dream Act amidst all the speculation and 8 Republican votes.

The Dream Act has finally been passed by the House. The act although is up to a tough test in the Senate as this law has been pushed by the democrats as a legislation on priority.

From the Republicans, only 8 have approved of the bill. When it comes to the Democrats, 38 voted against the bill. This measure offers the illegal migrants a way to acquire US citizenship. However, it caters to only the young migrants who have been brought to the United States before they turned 16 years of age but have either enrolled themselves in college or have entered into military service.

US President Barack Obama has stated the passage as being historic. As per the President, it wasn’t just the right thing to do but also the right thing for the nation. He has asked the Senate to follow suit of the law.

The bill however does not seem to attract the important sixty votes so that to let go of the filibuster. It has been vowed by the Republican senators to block all the legislations the dead end on the tax cuts brought about during the George W. Bush era is taken care of. The President and the GOP have come to a deal but this deal has not yet been signed by the Democrats.

On the other hand, the Dream Act is not the only priority for the Democrats which are at stake. Earlier, a vote on the gay personnel in the military was also postponed by the Senate. The Democrats have been trying really hard to bring about a deal with a few Republican Senators supporting this policy. However, even they have asked for more time to discuss over it.

However, this congressional session was the best chance for the Democrats to get both the bills passed as in January the Republicans would get to hold the majority in the House. With this, they would also hold more seats in the Senate.

The Dream Act was passed after a vote which was quite hastily scheduled. The advocates of this law have called this as the most important legislation for immigration which has been passed in the decade.

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