Flexible Laws to Fuel Development!

Singapore has been the destination chosen by many immigrants from different parts of the world. This also includes those coming from developed nations. The nation has many top professionals from the developed world who have decided to make Singapore their home. Many have actually become the citizens of the nation.

The above can be considered as a small minute part of the vast immigration policy that is being offered by the nation. Agreed that the nation completely thrives on immigrants for its development, it would still not be wrong to say that the immigration policies lack imagination.

Many a times, the terms “Foreign Talent” and “Foreign Labor” are used synonymously. Although, the nation is attracting the wealthy skilled migrants, it is more discreet when it comes to citizenships.

No doubt it is vital for the nation for attract foreign talent. At the same time, it seems to be forgotten that it is important to develop talent as well. The main purpose of immigration is to get foreign talent to develop local talent which could aid the nation further. Instead, the nation seems dependent completely on foreign talent. There are many different training incentives as well from different agencies such as the Skills Development Fund.

The fact is that when it comes to foreign laborers, they are more or less monitored by the industry quotas and monthly levy. These numbers tend to vary based on the economy needs. However, when it comes to this practice, there are certain drawbacks as well.

The most important of all the drawbacks has been that the programs have been more oriented towards the white-collar jobs and businesses. When it comes to menial jobs such as that of maids and construction workers, they are merely looked upon as a tool for fulfilling the need.

In the process, it is forgotten that they have actually contributed to the local economy. It is obvious that the monthly incomes levels here are not much. These maids and others tend to leave their homes in search of better opportunities for life.

Instead, it is highly important to encourage these people to upgrade their skills over a period of time. They can enroll themselves in local institutions for this purpose. A tax break could be brought about for such people and some part of the levy could be made use for such courses. Such a measure can also aid to the education industry of the nation.

This way, the economic value of the worker would increase in the economy. For instance, a maid who is earning about $265 a month for the first two years might be able to earn about $1500 in the next year. Above all, it is important to constantly to reinvent oneself in the economy for the growth and development of the nation. This could only be possible with a bit more flexible laws.

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