Red Cross to Aid Asylum Seekers in Australia!

It is being planned by the Red Cross to shift some of the families from the immigration detention centers to the local communities by Christmas time. It was announced by the Federal Government that about several hundreds of families and children would be transferred to an accommodation which is based in the community. This is to be done so as to ensure proper development and mental health of these families.

According to Chris Bowen, the Immigration Minister for Australia, the government would release all the children along with their families. However, this would be done depending on the case of each family.

It is being anticipated by the Red Cross that the first set of asylum seekers would be moved in the coming weeks. As per Michael Raper, the Chief Executive of Red Cross, an initiative is being taken by the Red Cross regarding the arrangements for these detainees. He also said that the organization is aware that there are about 750 children in detention. Of these, about 280 are on the Christmas Island. The Red Cross is eager to remove those children for these detention centers. This is definitely not the way in Australia to keep these people in prison.

Raper also stressed that the NGOs would be aiding to find housing for these people. Appropriate care plans would be put into effect and cases would be processed in association with other church agencies and other communities. These people would be placed the moment the residents’ determinations are by the Minister. More so, the Minister has to approve of the efforts being put in by the organizations as being appropriate.

These asylum seekers would be catered to by all the mental health services. Many of these detainees have been through conflict, trauma and other forms of discrimination. It would be ensured that appropriate housing, education, health care and welfare would be provided to these people.

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