Immigration Officials Warned of Immigrants Practicing Polygamy!

The Canadian embassy and consular staff across the world is being quietly reminded that the Canadian government does not permit those immigrants who intend to practice polygamy in Canada.

This reminder has come about after documents were obtained through access to information and supplied to QMI Agency. As per these documents, bureaucrats in Saudi Arabia and Morocco were pressurized to deal with polygamy in applications for temporary and visit visas.

According to a draft document which was developed by the national headquarters for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a practicing polygamist cannot be denied entry to Canada on a temporary basis. However, practicing the same is not permitted in Canada. Incase, an applicant who has been involved in polygamous marriages or have been into conjugal relationships while in Canada or gives reasons to immigration officials to believe that he would be involved in such an act, the applicant can be denied an entry. The document has also stated various circumstances which immigration officers might face and how they must deal with it.

According to spokesman Alykhan Velshi from the Immigration Minister’s office, the department is putting all the efforts to ensure that polygamy stays out of Canada. He also said that the Mr. Kenney has asked to check whether there are any loopholes anywhere. If found any, they must be closed.

On the other hand, the issue of polygamy is also in the Canadian courts. The British Columbia government has requested the courts to cater to the constitutionality of laws which could ban polygamy in Canada. Above all, when it comes to such a practice, the government as well as the immigration authorities has to be more vigilant so as to not allow the roots of such practice to enter the nation.

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