Another Case of Fake Passport!

The doomed flight IX-812 of Air India Express from Dubai-Mangalore, which killed one hundred and fifty eight passengers on the fatal day of May 22, had two passengers in it who were traveling on illegal passports. The same has been confirmed by the inquiry committee which has been involved into the investigation.

Venkatesh Prasanna from the Crime Investigation Bureau has confirmed the names of the two fliers who committed the passport crime. Abdul Samad who belongs to Kochipalli which is located in Kannur district which is located in Kerala, and another Mohammad Ashfaq who is from Mumbai, both died in the crash, the same source affirmed the news.

A complaint on an official basis has been filed in the Kerala Passport Office as well as the one located in Mumbai. Venkatesh has also provided indication that some other people are suspected to have acquired fake passports too, but their bodies and other documents are destroyed to such an extent that nothing can be confirmed as yet. Till now, no claims have been done for 12 bodies who were buried in Mangalore.

In another case of the same incident, records found out that a passenger had made a call from his mobile phone and had used an international Sim card. Arun Kumar Shetty is the concerned man in question here and the call was made half an hour before the fatal accident occurred.

It has been said that the court of inquiry would have some meetings with the aviation officials in Delhi on this matter.

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