Indian Nurses in a Limbo in Australia!

Raising English language standard for the nurses intending to immigrate to Australia has left nurses from India in a state of limbo. Also, a decision has been made to deport all those nurses’ applicants who have exceeded their visa durations if they fail to fulfill the English language requirement decked with the same. It has further raised concerns. The decision would surely affect the number of nurses intending to work in the land of Kangaroos in the upcoming future.

According to the mandates set by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, it has been speculated that the future of all those nurses would be left in a state of confinement provided they fail to perform in accordance with the standards set for level seven.

It is mandatory that these nurses should hold a proper conversation, both verbally and in writing, if they have communicate and understand their patients and discuss issues with other health care professionals. The same has been confirmed by Nursing and Midwifery Board. It further added that one of its roles is to protect the public.

Some protests have been witnessed against the raised standards in the recent times. Some of them are claiming that they have not been informed about this sudden change in the rules and regulations. Now they are worried about their future. A majority of student nurses are from India, China and Thailand.

Some of them have gone though tough financial conditions to apply for the enrolment, but now they are finding themselves in uncertainty.

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