Another Instance of Fake Consultant

Before writing anything about this news piece, it is time and again advised to all the prospective applicants out there to hire the services of an experienced and trustworthy Immigration consultant before immigrating to a new country.

In another immigration scam, a consultant from Windsor has been accused of showing his presence in eleven frauds, in addition to tampering with the clients’ applications.

RCMP has come out with 10 victims who paid the requisites but fail to get any Immigration service in return. It has been said that a minimum of $2,000 to a maximum of $100,000 were paid from clients’ sides, only to get nothing at the end of the day. This fee was supposed to be given to the CIC on their behalf.

But gradually, the news leaked and the applicants realized that no further moment has been initiated on their behalf. Rather, the consultants are failing to provide any official documents from the side of CIC.

According to a representative from CSIC, John Ryan, the case has highlighted some of the critical issues including the need to perform a background check for the existing immigration consultants out there. He said that it is understandable that a majority of crowd would never go for an unlicensed doctor, so why take chances and hire an unlicensed immigration expert. This is just unwise.

So, next time, just trust on an expert Immigration consultant.

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