UK Tier 1 or Canadian or Australian Skilled Migrant program: Which One to Choose!

UK Tier 1, which has also been given a term of Immigration Program, allows applicants to work in the UK for a time span of 2 years initially.  After that, they have the freedom to apply for the extension, which makes it a total of 5 years.

After the completion of this period, the applicants can apply for indefinite right to remain in the UK. In other words, they can apply for a PR status. This information is available in every UK Tier 1 Visa site, but as a consultant I would like to acquaint you all that applying for a UK Tier 1 does not means that you get the residency status from Day 1 itself! No! This facet means that Tier 1 visa only gives you right to live and work in UK. Residency visa can be applied for only after 5 years. A tier 1 visa holder would not be able to get all the benefits of the residency status immediately. So while opting for Tier 1 visa is a good bet in the short run, one should be aware that it is a non-immigrant visa.

Therefore, if the applicant has the responsibility of his family/kids on his shoulders, is it viable to apply for a UK Tier Visa, knowing the fact that the applicant would NOT get the guarantee of getting residency status from the beginning itself?

On the contrary, the applicants who are married, have family responsibilities, should opt for a visa program which offers you residency status from Day 1, it is advised to opt for Canadian or Australian Skilled Migrant program or a Federal Skilled Migrant program to reap the benefits of residency status from Day 1. Alternatively, those qualifying for Tier 1 as well as Canada/Australia may take Tier 1 visa and at the same time apply for Canada or Australia PR status. Keeping Canada or Australia PR as a back up to Tier 1 visa is an excellent idea.

On the other hand, a bachelor or a person who has no liabilities can try his hands in other Non Immigration programs initially, but after taking a thorough consultation from an expert Immigration consultant. Even for him having a back up PR status is not a bad idea at all.

Note: Every applicant is advised to opt for a different immigration program in accordance to their situations and financial conditions.

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