Another Look at Start up Visa Program

Sometime before, the in-office Canada Immigration Minister had reportedly proclaimed that the nation requires guaranteeing development, besides long term affluence. And, in the view of the same, the country ought to draw the best of the capitalists/industrialists, besides innovators, from throughout the globe.

Start Up Visa (SUV) Scheme

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has introduced the SUV Plan with a view to inspire the world’s leading business entrepreneurs and incubators and to convince them to make handsome investments in the country. This is to allegedly roll-out red-carpet welcome to innovative & pioneering entrepreneurs from out-of-the-country, and make certain that Canada continues to beat competition and stay ahead.

Sometime in the initial years of 2013, the said scheme was started with much fanfare, with the stated aim that not more than 2,750 candidates would be admitted. It was decided that the said plan would continue for a period of 5 years. This unique scheme is basically meant for happening entrepreneurs with permanent residency status even as they have been given the wonderful chance of joining hands with topmost leading stakeholders. The scheme saw expansion sometime before when some innovative and enterprising business men were offered a red-carpet welcome in the Maple Leaf Country.

Start-up Visa Eligibility Conditions

  1. The aspirant ought to be in a position to prove, with the assistance of papers, that the business plan he has is duly supported by an approved organization.
  2. He ought to be fairly smooth in speaking, reading, writing, not to mention understanding one of the two official languages of the nation–French or English.
  3. The candidate has to present an evidence of suitably concluding not less than 1 year of post-secondary education.
  4. He also has to demonstrate that he has been in good position in the past not less than 1 year of post-secondary education even.
  5. He also has to establish that he may manage to pay for the expenses of staying by himself and his dependents, post he lands on the country’s soils. He ought not to expect any kind of support from the Australian administration.

It is claimed that the program is essentially a plan from the Canadian administration for making certain that the topmost and the best possible world entrepreneurs invest their funds/resources on the nation’s territories so that the country’s economic development is not brought to a close. Instead the nation surges ahead to the highest peak even as it maintains its unrivalled position in the world, and continues to give its rivals a run for their money.

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