Are you foreign-trained cardiology technologist & interested in Canada immigration?

If yes, you need to know that the profession of cardiology technologist is not policed and standardized in the nation, barring New Brunswick. Therein, these professionals have to have registration with the concerned organization. With a view to practice in the nation, it’s essential that the professionals have registration with the involved body, i.e., Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists (CSCT). It’s the self-governing organization which establishes the regulations for the vocation even while it manages and supervises the examination & process for certification for membership in the society.

Appraisal of qualifications

Overseas-trained cardiology technologists can get in touch with the CSCT for an assessment of their qualifications before their advent in the country. One ought to observe that in case he already has the authorization to practice his profession in a Canadian territory or province, and afterwards wants to work in a profession which isn’t regulated–recruiters can demand a formal evaluation of his academic records from him.

Evaluation for immigration objects, via the FSWP

The famous and widely used Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is basically an immigration scheme managed and run by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The CIC has mentioned the profession (NOC 3217) as a qualified line-of-work, via the FSWP.

To file a petition for overseas movement to the nation, through the scheme, a key requirement is to get hold of an “Educational Credential Assessment” (ECA) from a CIC-assigned body. Please note: The said condition is for immigration objects only even as the same is dissimilar from the procedure to receive a permit to practice from the applicable regulatory organization. To file a petition for immigration, gaining a permit to practice is not needed.

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