Canada Provincial Nominee Immigration Programs: A Brief Look

Every Canada province has its own distinct provincial immigration scheme, called Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) with a view to boost immigration policies which suit well a province’s specific requirements. Consequently, the provinces are being given an increasing part in the selection of economic immigrants eager to reside in a given province.

During 2012, close-to 90,000 economic immigrants were offered nominations, and/or were picked-up by the many Canadian provinces, with Quebec alone being responsible for roughly 45,000 selections. It is the lone province which enjoys the power to choose its own aliens. Every other province has the authority to offer nomination to the migrants. During 2012, besides for the expected future, the figure of aliens to be offered the prized permanent residence (PR), though a PNP, or picked-up by the said province, is likely to swell.

But–much like every given immigration plan in the Maple Leaf Country–the subject of resource allotment, besides processing hold-ups keeps-on enacting a key factor in the choices faced by most of the policy experts & program executives. Rather simply, the nation as an immigration hotspot, draws substantial attention even as the same far exceeds the processing capability of majority of the visa & immigration schemes.

Submitting a petition for admission to the Maple Leaf Country, as a permanent resident, will track a dissimilar and usually, more expedited procedure, in case the submission is given a green signal approved via a PNP, vis-à-vis the scheme meant for the federal skilled employees.

In certain cases, individuals–who are otherwise not eligible for admittance through a given Federal plan–could make the cut for admission to the nation through a PNP. They may even be accepted for a Temporary Work Visa in the intervening period, permitting early admission to the country for the candidates & their dependents going together with them.

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