Inflexible immigration regulations discourage qualified immigration to Britain

It is claimed that aliens–who are mostly trained and have been decisively making handsome contributions to the British society–are presently facing the terror of exile from the country. Recently, a psychotherapist from Australia, who had been residing in the country for some years, has reportedly been served with a banishment notice. As per the victim, he is not and no-one else as several other Australian nationals also have been given such notices.

Several others also who have been living in the country for roughly 10 years, and who have been engaged with work activities as doctors and therapists, are also exposed to insecurity of being exiled. These persons have a robust establishment in the UK, and the though of returning back home post so many years may really not be music to their ears. Several persons residing in the nation since they got wedded to the citizens only to get divorced later are also living under the danger of being exiled.

Some people claim that the administration is adopting such a measure just to establish before the nation’s voters that they may accordingly check and control immigration, via sending back several persons back to their home nations.

Meanwhile, an affluent person from the UK informs that the British Independence Party pledges to separate the UK from the European Union (EU) and guarantee that the country has a better control over its geographical borders. Some specialists on the issue also reportedly state their concern over open overseas movement of persons from outside to the UK. It is also advocated that a reasonable approach is required to strike a balance between the intakes of immigrants & putting an end to it.

What choices immigrants have!

Those people, who have been asked to leave, may file an appeal against the decision in the appropriate court of law. A countrywide debate is continuing on the subject wherein some people have allegedly opined that such a measure is extremely wrong for those who have been living in the nation for several years now.

There is no dearth of instances when persons arrived in the nation as immigrants, lived therein only to eventually get settled for years. If in the process, they gained some benefits from the nation, then what’s wrong in it? It ought to be remembered that they also provided some in return.

It denotes that they have been enacting a key role in the development process of the nation hitherto. To ask them to leave the nation would not appear just several people.

The administration would do well to approve policies which, though checks immigration, are not unjustified, and/or over-the-top, claim some immigration observers.

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