Want to Marry Canadian Citizen? What You Need to Know!

Several migrants to Canada wish to marry a Canadian citizen but they need to know that ought to obey some immigration and visa laws for the same. To begin with, a person cannot tie the knot with citizen in case he has gained admission into the country on Tourist Permit. Actually, getting hitched while one is still on Tourist Permit would be regarded illegal by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Chances of Being Exiled

In case one believes he may evade exile only because he has wedded a citizen of the county, and/or he may eventually become a citizen himself, thanks to the marriage, then he is absolutely wrong. In case the person fails to obey the laws even while he gets married to a Canadian citizen then chances are that he would be sent back home.

Tying the Knot While on Travel Permit

A Travel Permit would enable the person to reside in the country for a period of six months. He may utilize it just one time, and cannot reside beyond the given time frame. The said type of permit would also not offer him any facilities whatsoever that usually come the nationals’ way, such as subsidized healthcare, educational facilities, etc.

In a situation wherein the aspirant has left the nation then he ought to file a petition for an additional Travel Permit, and become qualified to arrive in the country. In case the person wants to gain the prized permanent resident status then he would do well to submit a separate petition, so that he may reside therein on a permanent basis.

Avenues to get hitched

The doors wouldn’t be shut completely. The aspirant may always explore these avenues to get married, with authorization.


The citizen may offer sponsorship to his foreigner partner. One requires fulfilling a chain of conditions for the same. The sponsor will have to suitably establish and present adequate papers to state that he would be responsible and take charge, money-wise, of the fresh entrant. The sponsor requires fulfilling income conditions to establish his capability to back the individual he plans to get hitched to. It needs to be made certain that one presents the needed papers to demonstrate his affordability. The bare minimum wait time would be not less than nine months even as the same could be expanded further.

Petition for PR from Inside Canada

The candidate may also file a petition for obtaining a permanent residency condition through the Work Visa route. The whole procedure can take roughly 6 months for the sponsor. An extra 8-10 months would be required for the candidate to gain green signal.

Petition for PR from Outside Canada

In the said class, the submission for the PR would be duly processed outside the nation’s shores.

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