Another Racial Attack! There is No End to It!

The same old story – The attackers are Australian, the issue is racial attack and the victim, as usual, an Indian citizen, this time Nitin Garg, a 21 year-old youth who was brutally stabbed to death by some Oz assailants on Saturday night.

Nitin, originally from Punjab was on his way to a job at joint Hungry Jack’s restaurant in Melbourne, when he was attacked barbarously in the abdomen, his only fault- he was an Indian!

It seems that there is no end to this racial attacks happening in the land of Kangaroos on a regular basis. Students from all over the world enroll themselves in Australian universities to make their future but end up being brutally assaulted by groups of aggressors who leave no scope in making lives hell for them! Is this why parents send their children to Australia?

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According to reports, Nitin left his breaths in the Royal Melbourne Hospital, leaving all of us with some debatable queries–

What is the answer to all these racial attacks and who is responsible for this?
Will innocent students like Nitin keep on sacrificing their lives for no reason?
Is “death” the only price for being an Indian in Oz country?

Kapil Sibal, Minister Human Resource Development would be visiting Australia in the month of April to discuss the vital issue of racial attack with Australian authorities.

Issues like these are creating a void in the Immigration world and affecting the decisions of many Immigration Consulting firms, who are also left with ‘unanswered questions’ at the end of the day!

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