JobReady Test for GSM visas from 1 January 2010

The JobReady Test, coming in action from 1st January 2010 would ensure that prospective applicants who are planning to migrate would be able to participate in the labour market area relevant to their arena of specialization and skills.

People migrating under an onshore General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa scheme must pass the JobReady Test and nominate a qualification in order to qualify for the same. But if the applicant has already applied for the GSM visa, there is no need to appear for the JobReady Test

The motto behind introducing the test is to provide “Job Ready” applicants to Australian markets and hence creating an improved job market for both the applicants as well as employers. If the applicants are applying for a GSM visa (other than Subclass 485 and Subclass 887), you are required to meet the requirements for the JobReady Test.

The cost and expiry date for the JobReady Test result are yet to be determined. Other details are being developed by the key departments related to Immigration, education and Employment in Australia. Consult an Immigration and Visa specialist for more info on the same.

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