Applicants Criticize Sudden Changes in Visa

The recent changes brought by the Immigration program by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenships (DIAC) have not been taken very nicely and is being criticized. As per the new changes, the suspension of the General Migration Visas also includes in it.

According to the critics, all the visa applicants have not been informed in prior enough regarding the changes. Similar incidents took place in last September when the DIAC had brought about certain changes pertaining to the system of priority system. These amendments had greatly affected the old as well as the new applicants. The amends were brought about so fleetly that the individual state governments literally had to work hard to make the sponsored visa applicants understand.

Similar instances have taken place which has made it difficult for the applicants having general skills to obtain a visa and come to Australia. In February, the MODL was removed and the visa applicants were divided based on the date they had applied. Those who had applied before September 2007, their applications would not be processed. Such applicants would get the refund of their application fee. It was said that almost 20,000 applicants were affected because of this amend.

The Australian Government as well as the DIAC have emphasized that they were mainly catering to the Highly Skilled Migrants. This would clearly affect the new Skilled Occupation List which is expected to slowly be the substitute for the CSL. This new Skilled Occupation List could be viewed now and by the middle of this year, it would replace the CSL.

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